I’m definitely not normal by any standard; at least it makes me feel a lot better to think so.  People have always told me I was highly intelligent but to tell you the truth, i feel differently about “my intelligence”.  I’m not that smart in my eyes. . .  there is so much i do not know.  I quest for knowledge and will never stop.  We can’t be savages anymore, not in the same way.  I can’t start walking around the country side staking claim to land.  We have to do it in a different manor . . .  explorers of the mind.  Navigators of the soul.  The search for new lands and area is exactly as it has and always will be.  Except now the landscape is a lot harder to see clearly and terrain is harder to trek across.  I feel as though I can never truly know everything.  Believe me when i say i would though.  Getting my feet wet is essential to not drowning

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carcinogenic, anti arithmatic, energetic exostensive beat addict coming through sparaticly spareingly suppressed feeling chased…. pencil ends crossing papers … blessed to be erased.