ahh nice to relax

Well it won’t get easier but at least i could do is provide a story that should reach around and slap you real soft like it didn’t happen.  however, i wish i were making fiction and just breathing a creative light into a farse…The best way in my opinion (i do not know nothing) to avoid ending such a wonderful saga with a dread filled apology.

(fortunatley for anyone who reads this you will be spared mundane details that do matter but have been brutally left no where around)

“i messed up man.   i am sorry but i thought you should know i pawned YOUR turntables (even though i’m loaded, have my own tables, could of asked you for the cash, etc.) for $40.” said the slayer of mighty dags reynaldo.

At a loss i went with the moment which included such excerpts like:

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“i promise i will get them out man.  i guarantee it.” & “i wouldn’t have pawned YOUR stuff if i didn’t need money to pick whomever up + a baby (really what ever proof  ain’t to hard to come by if you want to know about the integrity of such a usin’ joe moe.   anyways….

your going to what?

The End