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Andrea Takats - Dean's List

Winter Term 2010 Dean's List

this goes out to Star for her dilligence and perserverence through the face of all that weight on her shoulders.   I do not explain why i give her mad props just know she if no one else in this world needs some recognition for her ability and just being able to maintain.

thank you for everything and I am proud of you!

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I’m definitely not normal by any standard; at least it makes me feel a lot better to think so.  People have always told me I was highly intelligent but to tell you the truth, i feel differently about “my intelligence”.  I’m not that smart in my eyes. . .  there is so much i do not know.  I quest for knowledge and will never stop.  We can’t be savages anymore, not in the same way.  I can’t start walking around the country side staking claim to land.  We have to do it in a different manor . . .  explorers of the mind.  Navigators of the soul.  The search for new lands and area is exactly as it has and always will be.  Except now the landscape is a lot harder to see clearly and terrain is harder to trek across.  I feel as though I can never truly know everything.  Believe me when i say i would though.  Getting my feet wet is essential to not drowning

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carcinogenic, anti arithmatic, energetic exostensive beat addict coming through sparaticly spareingly suppressed feeling chased…. pencil ends crossing papers … blessed to be erased.

10 lbs 1 oz

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ahh nice to relax

Well it won’t get easier but at least i could do is provide a story that should reach around and slap you real soft like it didn’t happen.  however, i wish i were making fiction and just breathing a creative light into a farse…The best way in my opinion (i do not know nothing) to avoid ending such a wonderful saga with a dread filled apology.

(fortunatley for anyone who reads this you will be spared mundane details that do matter but have been brutally left no where around)

“i messed up man.   i am sorry but i thought you should know i pawned YOUR turntables (even though i’m loaded, have my own tables, could of asked you for the cash, etc.) for $40.” said the slayer of mighty dags reynaldo.

At a loss i went with the moment which included such excerpts like:

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“i promise i will get them out man.  i guarantee it.” & “i wouldn’t have pawned YOUR stuff if i didn’t need money to pick whomever up + a baby (really what ever proof  ain’t to hard to come by if you want to know about the integrity of such a usin’ joe moe.   anyways….

your going to what?

The End

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