Mean Green Morons

Not in Texas!

Not in Texas!

The UNT Student Government voted to not allow same-sex couples to participate in the race for Homecoming King and Queen.  Among the reasons cited: parents threatened to take their kids out of class.  Damned children shouldn’t be taking up parking spots at the University anyway.

The decision does technically follow the by-lines of the student charter; unfortunately, the decision is also illegal.  The Homecoming Dance takes place with the tacit approval and coordination of the University – the University that accepts state and federal funding.  They are barring participation in a public school-sponsored event to students based on their sexual orientation.

The fact is, sexual orientation is physiological.  It’s not a choice.

Discriminating against people on the basis of something that they were born with is shameful garbage.  Get with it, UNT.

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  • citizenchris099 Says:

    i had a friend once who confessed to me that he didn’t understand why some of his fellow “queers” (his word) wanted to invade hetero institutions. “Why should i want to get married? Whats fringe about that?” He said this half jokingly but I could since the other half was serious.
    Should a gay woman be crowned Homecomming king? I just don’t give a shit and I think the people that do need to take a second look at the issues worth fighting for….pick your battles I say.
    the above statement isn’t targeted at the author of said piece. he simply is spreading info w/a modicum of editorial.

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