SteelRap 2k9 Project

Presenting the earliest stages of a new Dallas-wide hip-hop project of tremendous ambition and scope.  A diversity of styles, skills and approaches defining a Futuristic Sound for the South.  Featuring:

Castro Pimpswell, the Vigilante, Benny Chan the Asiatic Automatic, Seanzy, Mr. Cobb aka Bobby Skrillz, Reynaldo Walnero, Freewill and FSR (forever), Kemetik, John Merrick, Tricky Nixon, Ilya Rostolev, DJ Cool Mil, Big Swing (aka Russia aka Glass Daggers aka Sabian Colosso aka the Digital Journalist) and many more.

Comments, interest and enthusiasm are appreciated.  Updates will drop in due time.  Survival Horror Sound EP and the Harmonica Breaks one-shot are in the pipeline.  Keep scanning the radio waves, wastelander.


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