Nov 21 2009

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Nov 20 2009

Open Letter to the Easily Confused

jonah goldberg

Even Goldberg Can't Believe the Shit he Says

Mr. Goldberg
You recently wrote, “If we are at war, then the rules of war apply.”  This is evidently a question open to debate.  If KSM and his cohorts had been treated as prisoners of war, then absolutely they should be tried by military tribunal.  The argument has been made many times, with considerable merit, that these terrorists are not prisoners of war, but rather ‘unlawful combatants.’  This means that they are criminals, not soldiers, and as such subject to civilian justice.  The argument is largely academic at this point, for the purposes of this case.  These men have already been handled as unlawful combatants.  I fail to see how following the rule of law in recognition of the actions pursued by the Bush Administration is a ‘travesty.’  You really can’t have it both ways.
Omar Abdul-Rahman was successfully tried and convicted in civilian court, in New York, for bombing the World Trade Center.  The effective difference here is a matter of scale, not of underlying legal disputation.  Your reasoning on the differences between Abdul-Rahman’s case and KSM’s does not seem clear.
If we are, indeed, at war, I would encourage you, in your capacity as a writer with a public voice, to argue for the need of implementing war-time taxation policies in response to our brutalized deficit.  Failing this, I am extremely curious as to how you can argue that we are, in fact, at war and that these men should be tried by a military tribunal.  Clarity of moral reasoning is something you have argued for at length in the past, but it seems that you have abandoned all pretense of coherent logic on this issue. If you have not, then you and/or your editors need to sit down and clarify where you stand vis-a-vis your writing, because it’s coming off as extremely muddled.

Nov 12 2009

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